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Yaozhou ceramic celadon glazed bowl with four fish. Northern Song dynasty.

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Small Yaozhou ceramic celadon glazed bowl decorated in the interior with four fish swimming amongst dense waves, 10/11th century, Northern Song dynasty, d. 10 cm, 4 in. 9-17158B Bespoke box.

Literature: Song Dynasty Ceramics, by R. Kerr, 2020 London, cat. 54, p. 73 for two bowls 18,3 cm in diameter but with a floral decoration.

◆ This bowl was manufactured at kilns in Shanxi or Henan Provinces. The Guangzhou Museum has a low bowl with 15 cm, 6 in. in diameter.


參考文獻:《宋代陶瓷》,作者R. Kerr,2020年倫敦出版,參見第73頁,編號54兩個直徑18.3厘米花卉紋飾類似的碗。

◆ 此碗在陝西或河南省的窯生產。廣州博物館有一個直徑15厘米,直徑6吋的矮碗。