SANTOS - London: Dealer in 15th to 19th century Chinese Porcelain

Since 1979 Mr SANTOS has earned a deserved reputation of being a leading dealer in Song to Qing Chinese ceramics in the international world of fine antiques first as gallery owner in London and now as a private dealer at international shows in the United States, China and Europe. Combining his passion for travelling and Chinese porcelain, Mr SANTOS continuously searches the world for ceramics from the 12th until the 19th centuries in order to find the best and rarest objects for discerning private collectors, museums, interior designers and fellow art dealers in Europe, North and South America and Asia. Selling Chinese porcelain, whether an inexpensive item for a few hundred dollars or a unique one for much more, Mr. SANTOS strives always to offer high quality and rare pieces at a fair price, attractive to both new and seasoned collectors.

His stock covers the full range of Chinese ceramics from the Song up to the Qing dynasties, specifically:

1) under-glaze cobalt blue (qinghua);
2) translucent enamels of the Famille Verte palette (wucai);
3) Imari palette(under-glaze cobalt blue and over-glaze iron red and gilt);
4) opaque enamels of the Famille Rose palette (fencai), either being with the traditional Chinese decoration or with European subjects and armorials;
5) Chinese export porcelain;
6) porcelain with four or six character reign marks and of the period;
7) ceramics from the Song until the Ming dynasties;

Mr SANTOS is also the author of a book entitled "Yongzheng, A Private Collection". From 2005 until 2009 Mr SANTOS worked with an international team on the definitive work of Chinese porcelain ordered by the Portuguese market since the early days of 1520's until the end of the Qing dynasty in 1911. Four volumes have been published withe the title PORTUGAL IN PORCELAIN FROM CHINA: 500 years of trade, by A. Varela Santos.

山度士-伦敦: 中国宋代至清代陶瓷古董商 (1979年至今)

自1979年以来, 山度士先生便是国际上宋代至清代中国陶瓷的领先古董商, 广获业界赞誉及尊重. 他起初于伦敦经营古董展廊, 现在则以私人古董商的身分参与美国, 中国和欧洲等地的国际艺术展览. 山度士先生对中国瓷器和旅游探索充满热情, 多年来不断地在世界各地寻找十二世纪至十九世纪的陶瓷艺术品, 为欧洲, 中南美洲和亚洲眼光独到的私人收藏家, 博物馆, 室内设计师和艺术品经销商搜罗最佳最稀有的古董. 山度士先生的中国陶瓷收藏丰富, 无论是平易近人的藏品还是万中挑一的珍品, 他都致力以合理的价格为古董爱好者提供高质素和稀有的作品, 备受新老收藏家欢迎.

其藏品包括众多宋代到清代中国陶瓷, 具体包括:

1) 青花;
2) 五彩;
3) 伊万里烧;
4) 粉彩, 带中国传统纹饰, 或者欧洲器物与纹章;
5) 中国外销瓷器;
7) 宋代至明代瓷器.

山度士先生著有《Yongzheng, A Private Collection》雍正, 私人收藏)一书. 从2005年到2009年间, 桑托斯先生与国际团队合作, 围绕1520年代初期到1911年清朝末年葡萄牙市场订购的中国瓷器进行研究并出版成书, 现已出版四卷, 书名为《PORTUGAL IN PORCELAIN FROM CHINA: 500 years of trade》(葡萄牙的中国瓷器: 中葡贸易五百年), 阿‧华睿拉‧山度士著.