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Two Chinese porcelain “herring” dishes, after Dutch Delft faience with one herring each, Kangxi.

Stock Number: 4089

Two Chinese export porcelain “herring” dishes, after Dutch Delft faience, decorated in under- glaze cobalt blue (qinghua) with one herring each, c. 1720, Kangxi reign, Qing dynasty, w. 20 cm, 7 7/8 in. (crazing to one, each with small chip to underside) 1.11137

Illustrated: 100 Years of Chinese Export Porcelain, by A. Varela Santos, 2014/2015, cat. 33.


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As the country of origin of the prototype identifies, these dishes were ordered by the Dutch market in the early 18th century with the only purpose of serving herrings, which was a staple much appreciated in the Netherlands at the time. These dishes were decorated with one or with two herrings.

中國外銷瓷“鯡魚”魚盤兩隻, 仿荷蘭代夫特彩陶, 每盤以青花繪有鯡魚一條, 約1720年, 清康熙, 寬20 釐米, 7 7/8 英吋。

插图: 《百年中国外销瓷》 阿.瓦瑞拉.桑托斯, 2014/2015, 目录 33。


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◆ 荷蘭是此類器皿原型的原產國。18世紀早期,荷蘭市場定制了這些盤子, 其唯一目的就是將當時荷蘭人十分欣賞的鯡魚裝盤上桌。