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Two Chinese porcelain cups decorated in underglaze cobalt blue (qinghua), base with an eight-character mark reading Xuantong gengxu Yichuntang zhi (Xuantong 1910 made for the Hall of Appropriate Spring), dated to 1910 and of the period.


Stock Number: 4229

Two small Chinese porcelain cups with rounded sides decorated on the exterior in underglaze cobalt blue (qinghua) with eight leafy flower stems, the base with an eight-character mark in two lines in under-glaze cobalt blue reading Xuantong gengxu Yichuntang zhi (Xuantong 1910 made for the Hall of Appropriate Spring), corresponding to 1910 and of the period, Qing dynasty, ø 7.6 cm, 3 in. 9.12031  

Provenance: Sotheby’s, New York, USA 2012.

Illustrated: Tang to Qing Ceramics, by A. Varela Santos, 2017/2018 catalogue, cat. 96.


• Chinese Ceramics, by S. Pierson, London 2009, p. 1123, cat. 170, for a similar bowl at the Victoria & Alberto Museum, London, also dated 1910;

Rare Marks on Chinese Ceramics, by M. Wilson, 1999 London, pp. 150/151, cat. 65 for a similar bowl with the same mark;

The Great Fortune, Das Grobe Glück, 2002 Berlin, by G. Weishaupt, p. 371, cat. 348 for a similar dated 1910.

◆ Ming Wilson in his seminal above mentioned work writes “Yichun Tang (Hall of Appropriate Spring) was the studio name of Liu Shiheng (1875-1937), alias Juqing, native of Guichi, Anhui. An unofficial biography describes him as an ardent collector.” There are bowls dated 1909 and 1910 all decorated in under-glaze cobalt blue and all of the same size.

中國瓷器 – 青花花葉紋圓腹小盃兩隻,外繪八枝青花枝叶紋饰,底書 “宣統庚戌、宜春堂制 ” 雙行八字款。1910年,清宣統。口徑:7.6釐米,3英吋。


圖示: 《唐代至清代陶瓷》阿.瓦瑞拉.桑托斯, 2017/2018圖錄,編號,第96頁。 


• 《中國陶瓷》,作者S. Pierson,2009年倫敦出版,參見第1123頁,編號170,倫敦維多利亞及阿 爾伯特博物館藏,標記年份同為1910年的一相似瓷碗;

•《中國陶瓷上的珍稀款識》,作者M. Wilson,1999年倫敦出版,參見第150及151頁,編號65帶相同 款識的一相似小盃;

• 《偉大的財富》,2002年柏林出版,作者G. Weishaupt,,見第371頁,編號348一年代為1910年的近器。

◆ Ming. Wilson在他的研究中提及:“宜春堂為劉世珩堂號。 劉世珩(1875-1926),字聚卿,安徽 貴池人。據非正式的傳記記載,劉世珩是一名收藏愛好者。” 這類同尺寸的青花碗標記年份分別為 1909年和1910年。