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Small Chinese porcelain cup,Xuantong.

Stock Number: 5315

Small Chinese porcelain cup decorated in underglaze cobalt blue (qinghua) with stylized lotus heads and leaves, the base with the eight-character mark of Xuantong reading Xuantong jiyou Yichuntang zhi (Xuantong jiyou year made for the Hall of Appropriate Spring), corresponding to 1909 and of the period, Qing dynasty, d. 8 cm, 3¼ in. 9-22249


• Chinese Ceramics, by S. Pierson, London 2009, p. 1123, cat. 170, for a similar bowl at the Victoria & Alberto Museum, London, dated 1909;

Rare Marks on Chinese Ceramics, by M. Wilson, 1998 London, pp. 150/151, cat. 65 for a similar bowl with the same mark;

• The Great Fortune, Das Grobe Glück, 2002 Berlin, by G. Weishaupt, p. 371, cat. 348 for a similar dated 1910:

Chinese Ceramics & Works of Art, by A. Varela Santos, 2018/2019, cat. 100 for a similar pair.

◆ Ming Wilson in his above-mentioned seminal work says “Yichun Tang (Hall of Appropriate Spring) was the studio name of Liu Shiheng (1875-1926), alias Juqing, native of Guichi, Anhui. An unofficial biography describes him as an ardent collector.” There are bowls dated 1909 and 1910 all decorated in underglaze cobalt blue and all the same size.

中國瓷青花蓮紋小盃,器身繪折枝蓮葉,器底書 “宣統己酉、宜春堂制 ” 雙行八字款。1909年, 清宣統,口徑8釐米,3¼英吋。


•《中國陶瓷》,作者S. Pierson,2009年倫敦出版,參見第1123頁,編號170倫敦維多利亞 及阿爾伯特博物館藏 ,標記年分為1909年一相似瓷碗 ;

•《中國陶瓷上的珍稀款識》,作者M. Wilson,1999年倫敦出版,參見第150及151頁,編號65帶相同 款識的一相似小盃 ;

• 《偉大的財富》,2002年柏林出版,作者G. Weishaupt,,見第371頁編號349一件1910年的近器;

• 《中國陶瓷及工藝品》,作者阿.瓦瑞拉.山度士,2018/2019,見編號100一件近器。

◆ Ming Wilson在他的研究中提及:“宜春堂為劉世珩堂號。 劉世珩(1875-1926),字聚卿,安徽 貴池人。據非正式的傳記記載,劉世珩是一名收藏愛好者。” 這類同尺寸的青花碗標記年份分別為 1909年和1910年。