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Set of Chinese porcelain leaf-shaped dishes decorated in underglaze cobalt blue (qinghua), Qianlong reign.

Stock Number: 4228

Very rare set of three graduated pairs of Chinese export porcelain leaf-shaped dishes after a Meissen form and a Kakiemon pattern decorated in underglaze cobalt blue (qinghua), c.1760, Qianlong reign, Qing dynasty w. 41,5cm, 16¼ in, w. 35 cm, 13¾ in; w. 28,5 cm, 11¼ in. 1-14191

Illustrated: Qing Export Porcelain, by A. Varela Santos, 2015/2016, cat. 82.


• Geoffrey Godden at the International Ceramics Fair and Seminar, London 1983, p. 8, cat. 10, for one similar dish;

Kiinalaista Posliinia Suomessa, Chinese Porcelain in Finland, by H. Hyvönen, 1986 Finland, p. 193, cat. 342 for a similar dish. 

十分珍稀的中國外銷瓷葉形青花盤一套三對,器型仿德國Meissen瓷器,圖案紋飾仿日本Kakiemon瓷器,約1760年。每對尺寸遞減,寬度分別為:41.5 釐米, 16¼英吋; 35釐米,13¾ 英吋;28.5 釐米,11¼ 英吋。

插图:《清代外銷瓷》, 阿.瓦瑞拉.桑托斯, 2015/2016,目录 82。


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