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Rare Chinese porcelain snuff box with European and Chinese figures, Qianlong.

Stock Number: 4-21285

Very rare and fine Chinese export rectangular bombé porcelain snuffboxes after European silver shape decorated in opaque enamel from the famille rose (fencai) palette with a Meissen style scene with Europeans, the inside with a domestic scene of a standing lady smoking holding a long pipe playing with a little boy, the walls with four landscapes, European metal mounts, c. 1760, Qianlong reign, Qing dynasty, the cover 7x5x4 cm, 2 ¾ x2x1½ in. 4.13171 (MQP)

非常罕見并精美的中國外銷瓷粉彩歐洲人物圖長方形鼻煙盒,器型渾圓,仿歐洲銀器,飾以邁森風格歐洲人物圖,盒內畫著一位站立仕女手持長煙管和一個小男孩在嬉戲,盒子四面繪著山水圖,歐洲金屬鑲邊,約1760年,清乾隆,蓋子7x5x4釐米,2¾ x2x1½英吋。