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Qingbai washer, Southern Song dynasty.

Stock Number: 4791

Fine Chinese Qingbai washer carved with central stylized floral medallions covered with a translucent pale blue/green glaze falling short of the eight sided scalloped rim, the base glazed, Southern Song dynasty, 13thcentury, Jingdezhen kilns, Jiangxi province, d. 13,5 cm, 5¼ in. 9-16141 Bespoke box.

Illustrated: Tang to Qing Ceramics, by A. Varela Santos, 2017/2018 catalogue, cat. 21.


The World of Monochromes, Oriental Ceramic Society exhibition in London in 2009 at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London, cat. 114 for a larger piece;

Peace and Quietude – Song Ceramics from the Qingjingtang Collection, exhibition catalogue curated by R.D. Mowry, Lisboa 2014, pp. 304/305 for similar pieces.


圖示: 《唐代至清代陶瓷》阿.瓦瑞拉.桑托斯, 2017/2018圖錄,編號,第21頁。



•《清凈堂藏宋代瓷器特展》,策展人及圖錄編寫R.D. Mowry, 2014年里斯本出版,參見第304-305頁近器。