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Plate with arms of MILLS, Clapham, WEBBER, Mills, views of Fort of Saint George, Plymouth Sound and Whampoa, Qianlong.

Stock Number: 4850

Rare Chinese export porcelain plate decorated in opaque enamels from the famille rose (fencai) palette with the arms of MILLS of Harscomb (Gloucestershire) and Clapham (Surrey), UK, impaling WEBBER, crest of Mills; at the centre a view from Fort of Saint George and on the border two reserves with the views of Plymouth Sound, on the right, and Whampoa, on the left, c. 1750, Qianlong reign, Qing dynasty, d. 22,5 cm, 9 in. 5-16197

Illustrated: Tang to Qing Ceramics, by A. Varela Santos, 2017/2018 catalogue, cat. 65.

Literature: Chinese Armorial Porcelain, by D.S. Howard, 1974, ISBN 0-571-09811-8, pp. 101 and 325 for a plate.

◆ Fort of Saint George (also known as White Town) in Madras, India, now Chennai, state of Tamil Nadu, was the first built in India by the British East India Company in 1644. It was named after the British’s patron saint.

中國外銷粉彩徽章瓷盤一對,繪有MILLS of Harscomb(Gloucestershire)及英國Clapham(Surrey) 家族徽章和代表WEBBER家族的皇冠;盤中飾以圣喬治堡景色,盤沿有兩處開光,左邊的為普利茅斯景致,右邊的為黃埔景色,十分難得,約1750年,清乾隆,直徑22.5釐米,9英吋。

圖示: 《唐代至清代陶瓷》阿.瓦瑞拉.桑托斯, 2017/2018圖錄,編號,第65頁。

◆ 印度泰米爾納德邦州馬德拉斯市(現金奈)圣喬治堡(即白鎮)由英國東印度公司於1644年建立,以英國的一位守護神名字命名。