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Longquan celadon-glazed dish moulded in the centre with a double fish on a crackled ground, Southern Song dynasty.

Stock Number: 4678

Chinese Longquan celadon-glazed small dish moulded in the centre with a double fish on a crackled ground, 13th/14th centuries, Southern Song/Yuan dynasties, d. 12,5 cm, 5 in. 9-15124 (Bespoke box.  

Provenance: Wilfrid Fleisher (1897‑1976) Sweden, thence by descent in the family (illustrated).

• The Fleisher Collection was formed by Wilfrid Fleisher, whose father Ben Fleisher moved from his native United States to Japan where he in 1908 started the first English-language newspaper, soon to become the most influential English-language newspaper in the Far East.

Wilfrid grew up in Japan and worked as Editor-in-Chief on The Japan Advertiser. He became interested in Chinese and Japanese works of art early on and amassed a substantial collection during the 1920s and 1930s, predominantly ceramics and jades.

At the outbreak of the Second World War the Fleishers had to leave Japan and, later, Wilfrid and his family settled down in Sweden. The collection has been handed on in the family and part of it is now being offered for sale.


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