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Libation cup in Chinese porcelain from Dehua kilns (blanc-de-chine) modelled as a rhinoceros horn on one side with a tiger (cat?), a four-clawed dragon, Kangxi reign.

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Libation cup in Chinese porcelain from Dehua kilns (blanc-de-chine) modelled as a rhinoceros horn on one side with a tiger (cat?), a four-clawed dragon and a branch with flowers and on the other side with two branches with flowers and deer, Kangxi reign, Qing dynasty, h. 7 cm, 2 ¾ in; w. 13 cm, 5 in. 9-14110


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中國德化白瓷酒杯,一邊模壓有老虎(貓? ),四爪龍和一枝花卉,另一邊模壓有兩枝花卉及鹿, 約1640年,明代,高7釐米,2¾ 英吋;寬13釐米,5英吋。


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