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Dehua, Fujian (Blanc-de-Chine) porcelain, brush washer moulded as a lotus leaf, Kangxi.

Stock Number: 5231

Very rare Dehua (Blanc-de-Chine) porcelain, Fujian province, brush washer delicately moulded in the form of a lotus leaf, handle as a stylized dragon, veins on the reverse of the lotus leaf, c. 1700, Kangxi reign, Qing dynasty, w. 10.3 cm, 4 in. 9-20218

◆ Porcelain brush-washers of this type were items for the Chinese scholar`s desk, part of a range of objects which includes ink-stones, wrist-rests, brush pots (bitongs) and small vases.

They were also imported by the private trade into Europe as attractive novelties.


◆ 此類陶瓷筆洗是中國學士書桌上使用的物品,是一種文房用品,其他包括墨硯、腕托、筆筒和小花瓶。 此類器物被私人貿易商出口至歐洲,歐洲人認為新奇吸引。