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Dehua (blanc-de-chine) porcelain figure of Guanyin (Bodhisattva), Qing dynasty.

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Chinese Dehua (blanc-de-chine) porcelain figure of Guanyin (Bodhisattva) seated at ease wearing long flowing robes, with her left arm upon an arm rest and holding a scroll, the serene face topped with a high chignon, Qing dynasty, h. 23 cm, 9 in. 9-17160

◆ Besides Buddha, Buddhists also worship bodhisattvas. A bodhisattva is a being who is at the point of achieving salvation, but who decides not to take the final step in order to help others to find their salvation.

There are various Bodhisattvas; the best known are AVALOKITESHVARA, MANJUSHRI and MAITREYA.

Avalokiteshvara, called GUANYIN in Chinese, has the oldest following in all the Buddhist world.

Bodhisattvas have several definitive characteristics: they wear loin cloth and jewellery; they have elongated ear lobes; have a birth mark on the forehead; some of their hair is raised in a top-knot and some is draped over the shoulders; are portrayed seated or standing. 

Guanyin, known in the west as “goddess of Mercy” is an East Asian bodhisattva venerated by Mahayana Buddhists. The Chinese full name is Guanshiyin meaning “the One who perceives the sounds of the world”.

Some followers of Buddhist faith believe that when one of the faithful departs this world they are placed by her in the heart of a lotus and then sent to the West Pure Land of Sukhāvati.

Guanyin is the most widely beloved Buddhist divinity that has miraculous powers to assist all those who pray to her.


◆ 除了佛,佛教徒還崇拜菩薩。菩薩本身已完成自我救贖卻決定不成佛,而选择普度眾生。