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Chinese Qingbai bowl with petal lobed rim carved and combed decoration, Northern Song dynasty.

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Chinese Qingbai bowl with petal lobed rim carved and combed decoration with central stylized floral medallions covered with a translucent pale blue glaze falling short of the rims, the base glazed, Northern Song dynasty, 13th century, d. 20 cm, 8 in. 9-15132 Bespoke box.

Illustrated: Chinese Ceramics & Works of Art, by A. Varela Santos, 2018/2019, cat. 2.


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青白瓷蓮瓣碗,碗內中央帶劃篦花卉紋,器身施透明淺藍釉,到口沿逐漸變少,器底亦施釉,北宋,13世紀,直徑20釐米,8英吋 。

圖示:《中國陶瓷及工藝精品》,作者阿.瓦瑞拉.山度士,編號 2。

參考文獻:《Privatsammlungen博物館藏中國陶瓷》,作者U. Wiesner,1988年科隆出版,見第60 頁,編號31一件相同瓷盌。