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Chinese porcelain two-piece cruet and stand, decorated in the Imari palette, Kangxi reign.

Stock Number: 3737

Very rare and fine Chinese export porcelain two-piece cruet and stand, the ewers with covers, decorated in the Imari palette with flowers, birds and branches, c.1720, Kangxi reign, Qing dynasty, h. 15cm, 6in. 2.4024

Illustrated: 100 Years of Chinese Export Porcelain, by A. Varela Santos, 2014/2015, cat. 52.


• Het Chinees en Japans Porselein in Het Fries Museum, by D.S. Lunsingh-Scheurleer, p. 19, cat. 19, for a similar piece with different decoration;

The Choice of the Private Trader, by D.S. Howard, Minneapolis 1994, p. 130, cat. 104 for a similar cruet c. 1745 decorated in enamels.

Cruet is a typical European form that existed in glass, faience and metal. Cruets with stand could have two, three, four or five jugs to be used with different condiments.


插图: 《百年中国外销瓷》 阿.瓦瑞拉.桑托斯, 2014/2015, 目录 52。


•《弗里斯博物館藏中國日本瓷器》,作者D.S. Lunsingh-Scheurleer,參見第19頁編號19帶不用紋 飾的 相似器物一件;

•《私人貿易者的選擇》,作者D.S. Howard,1994年明尼阿波利斯出版,參見第130頁編號104年代为 1745,施彩釉相似調味瓶一件。

◆ 此調味罐是典型的歐洲器型, 原見於玻璃、彩 陶和金屬器皿中。帶連體底座的調味器可配 二、三、 四或五只小罐, 裝上不同調味品以供 使用。