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Chinese porcelain plate decorated in famille rose palette enamels with a satyr and a nymph, Qianlong.

Stock Number: 5072

Very fine Chinese export porcelain plate decorated in opaque enamels from the famille rose (fencai) palette with a satyr and a nymph, after an unknown European original, c. 1760, Qianlong reign, Qing dynasty, d. 22,5 cm, 9 in. 6-14094

Illustrated: Yuan to Qing Ceramics, by A. Varela Santos, 2016/2017, cat. 84.


La Porcelaine des Compagnies des Indes a Décor Occidental, by F. & N. Hervouët and Y. Brunneau, figs. 7.51/52/53/54 for plates with the same central scenes but different borders;

Oriental Lowestoft, Chinese Export Porcelain, by J.A. Lloyd-Hyde, New York 1936, plate XIV, cat. 44 for a plate with the same decoration.


圖例:《元代至清代陶瓷》,作者阿.瓦瑞拉.桑托斯,目录 84。


•《東印度公司瓷器》,作者F. & N. Hervouët 及 Y. Brunneau,參見圖7.51,52,53和54繪 有相同中央紋飾,卻帶不同邊飾的盤子;

•《東方的洛斯托夫特,中國外銷瓷器》,作者J.A. Lloyd-Hyde,紐約1936年出版,參見圖版14, 編號44繪相同紋飾的盤子一件。