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Chinese porcelain bowl for the Vietnamese market.

Stock Number: 5100

Rare Chinese export (for the Asian market) porcelain low bowl for the Vietnamese market decorated in underglaze cobalt blue (qinghua) with a classical landscape and an inscription reading pian zhou hu zai gui zhuang zhong, xi yu chun feng de yi gui (Proudly returning home with heavy luggage on a little boat in a river amongst misty rain in the Spring), base with the two-character mark nei fu(inner palace), c.1880, late Qing dynasty d.15 cm, 6 in. Original metal ring on the rim. 1-18348. Bespoke box. (149)

Literature: Qing Porcelain: Famille Verte, Famille Rose, by M. Beurdeley and G. Raindre, London 1987, p. 233, cat. 319 for a plate of this group dated mid-19th century.

◆This type of pieces is considered to have been made for the Vietnamese market during the Nguyên dynasty (1802-1945). A covered bowl for the same market is illustrated in Qing Export Porcelain, by A. Varela Santos, 2015/2016, cat. 141.


參考文獻:《清代陶瓷:素三彩及粉彩》,作者M. Beurdeley及G. Raindre,1987年倫敦出版,見第233頁,編號319出自同組器物的瓷盤一件,年代為19世紀中期。