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Chinese porcelain bottle decorated in the kraak pattern with flowers and flying horses, Wanli reign, Ming dynasty.

Stock Number: 4972

Chinese export porcelain bottle decorated in underglaze cobalt blue (qinghua) in the kraak pattern with alternating panels of flowers and flying horses, c. 1600, Wanli reign, Ming dynasty, h. 27,5 cm, 10¾ in. 1-17303


Chinese Ceramics in Colonial Market, G. Kuwayama, 1997 Los Angeles, cat. 4, pp. 32/33 for a similar vase;

Silk, Porcelain and Lacquer. China and Japan and their Trade with Western Europe and the New World, 1500-1644, by T. Canepa, 2016, p. 176, fig. III.62 for a similar bottle 18,5 cm high at the Groninger Museum, Groningen, Netherlands.



•《殖民市場的中國陶瓷》,作者G. Kuwayama,1997年洛杉磯出版,見第32/33頁編號4一類似花上。