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Chinese export porcelain teapot with applied decoration, Yongzheng.

Stock Number: 4752

Fine Chinese export porcelain teapot and cover with applied branches, leaves and buds to the body and with the rare decoration of a landscape in a scroll in opaque enamels from the famille rose (fencai) palette (3 holes drainer), c. 1735, Yongzheng reign, Qing dynasty, h. 11 cm, 4¼ in; w. 16 cm, 5¼ in. 3-16298

Illustrated: Tang to Qing Ceramics, by A. Varela Santos, 2017/2018 catalogue, cat. 56.


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p. 109 for a similar teapot dated as Qianlong;

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圖示: 《唐代至清代陶瓷》阿.瓦瑞拉.桑托斯, 2017/2018圖錄,編號,第56頁。


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