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Chinese export porcelain plate decorated in enamels from the famille rose (fencai) palette, arms of KER with MARTIN in pretence, Qianlong.

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Rare Chinese export porcelain plate decorated in opaque enamels from the famille rose (fencai) palette with the arms of those of KER with MARTIN in pretence, c. 1785, Qianlong reign, Qing dynasty, d. 24 cm, 9½ in. 5-14190

Illustrated: Qing Export Porcelain, by A. Varela Santos, 2015/2016, cat. 120.


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This very rare plate has a unique decoration in the repertoire of Chinese export porcelain. The central decoration shows Hope supporting the shield of KER, or Carr, with MARTIN in pretence. In the rim four reserves show the four known continents: Europe represented with guns, trade, cornucopia of wealth, and a female figure with the symbols of piece and liberty; Africa represented by a group of trading natives, an elephant and a crocodile; America by an Indian man, a bison and tobacco leaves; and finally Asia by a pagoda, a pyramid, a camel and a richly dressed Eastern man.

Ellis Martin and Elisabeth Kerr possibly commissioned this service for their daughter Jane who married her first cousin William Kerr in c. 1790.

珍稀的中國外銷瓷粉彩盤,繪有Ker联合Martin家族族徽,約1790年,清乾隆,直徑24釐米,9½ 英吋。

插图:《清代外銷瓷》, 阿.瓦瑞拉. 桑托斯, 2015/2016,目录 120。


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◆ 這個帶有獨特中國外銷瓷紋飾的盤子非常珍稀。盤中央的圖案為Hope女神靠在帶有Ker (或Carr) 家族族徽的盾牌上,Ker族徽上方繪有Martin家族族徽。盤沿四個開光處繪有四個著名的大洲:槍支、貿易、聚寶盆及持有和平自由標誌的女性形象代表著歐洲;一群正在交易的本地人,一隻大象及一隻鱷魚代表著歐洲;一位印第安人,一隻野牛及煙草葉代表著美洲;最後一座寶塔,一座金字塔,一隻駱駝及一位衣著光鮮的東方男士代表著亞洲。

Ellis Martin和Elisabeth Kerr之所以訂製此套餐具,很有可能是要贈給他們的女兒Jane,Jane在約 1790年嫁給了她的表兄William Kerr。