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Chinese export porcelain cylindrical vase decorated
in underglaze cobalt blue (qinghua), Kangxi reign.


Stock Number: 5078

Chinese export porcelain cylindrical vase decorated
in underglaze cobalt blue (qinghua) with six horizontal bands, one with dragons bearing sprigs of lingzhi fungus and the others with flowers, partly reserved in white on a blue ground, c. 1690, Kangxi reign, Qing dynasty h. 27 cm, 10¼ in. (5078) 1-18322 (gold repair to rim)


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This was one of the most desired decorations by the sophisticated collectors of Europe and America in the late 19th/early 20th century.

In the early 18th century Augustus II the Strong, Elector
of Saxony and King of Poland (maybe the most avid collector of Chinese porcelain ever to exist) had vases with this pattern in different sizes at his Collection in Dresden, Germany.

中國外銷瓷青花筒瓶, 用釉下鈷青料 (青花) 繪出六層帶狀紋飾, 其中兩條繪有龍紋與靈芝紋, 其餘為 花卉紋, 有些紋飾為開光藍底留白, 約1690年, 清康熙, 高28.5 釐米, 11 英吋。

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◆ 此紋飾是19世紀末20世紀初較受歐洲和美洲大收藏家垂涎的紋飾之一。

在18世紀早期, 奧古斯都大力神、撒克遜大公及波蘭國王 (他可能是史上最癡迷的中國瓷器收藏家) 在其德國德累斯頓的藏品中, 收有尺寸不同卻繪有此圖案 的瓷瓶。