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Chinese Dehua porcelain tripod censer (ding), Chongzhen reign, late Ming dynasty.

Stock Number: 5259

Chinese Dehua porcelain tripod censer (ding) standing on three long curved feet, c. 1640, Chongzhen reign, late Ming dynasty, w. 8 cm, 3 ¼ in; h. 6,5 cm, 2 ½ in, fitted wood stand. Bespoke box. 9-21224


• Blanc de Chine, Marchant’s 60th Anniversary Exhibition catalogue, 1985, no. 30;

• Collection of Sir David and Lady Scholey, UK.


• Blanc de Chine, The Great Porcelain of Dehua, by R.H. Blumenfield, USA, 2002, p. 22, fig B, for an identical piece dated mid-17th century;

Blanc de Chine, by P.J. Donnelly, London 1969, plate 13, censers, B for a similar for but without handles, dated 1675-1725.