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Chinese ceramic Yaozhou conical bowl,, 10th/13th centuries, Northern Song/Jin dynasties.

Stock Number: 5082

Chinese ceramic Yaozhou conical bowl moulded inside with scrolling foliage and flowers and outside with vertical lines covered by a light olive celadon glaze, 10th/13th centuries, Northern Song/Jin dynasties, d. 13 cm, 5¼ in; h 6 cm, 2¼ in. (5082) 9-21223 Bespoke box.


• Song Dynasty Ceramics, by R. Kerr, 2020 London, cat. 54, p. 73 for two bowls 18,3 cm in diameter but with a similar floral decoration;

• The Guangzhou Museum has a similar low bowl with 15 cm, 6 in. in diameter;

• Percival David Foundation/British Museum, London, for one of a pair of bowls described as “The bowl has deep olive-green glaze. There are four fish and a squid in rippling water moulded on the interior, with incised radiating lines on the exterior.” Made in Huangpu, Shaanxi province. Dated 12th century, Northern Song dynasty. Dimensions: d. 9,7 cm; h. 4,3 cm. Inventory: PDF.297. Another bowl with lotus and water plants tied with a ribbon, dated 12th century, Northern Song/Jin dynasties, d. 19,5 cm; h. 4,8 cm. Made in Huangpu, Shaanxi province (Yaozhou ware). Inventory: PDF.245. “Potters employed a reusable carved intaglio mould to produce this bowl which sped up the production process. Inside four fish and another sea creature possibly a squid are depicted against rippling water and the outside is incised with radiating lines.”