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Chinese ceramic water dropper in the form of a rooster, Zhangzhou kilns (Swatow ware), Ming dynasty.

Stock Number: 5213

Very rare Chinese ceramic water dropper for the Asian market in the form of a rooster decorated in under-glaze cobalt blue (qinghua) with peonies, Zhangzhou kilns (Swatow ware) c. 1550, Ming dynasty, h. 7,5 cm, 3 in; w. 10 cm, 4 in. 7-20367


• Chinese Blue & White Porcelain, by D. Macintosh, p. 92, plate 68 for a similar piece dated early 16th century also decorated in cobalt blue;

• Chinese Blue and White Ceramics, by S.T. Yeo and J. Martin, Singapore 1978, p. 134, plate 61 to 63 for three similar pieces dated middle Ming dynasty also decorated in cobalt blue;

Christie’s Pictorial History of Chinese Ceramics, by A. du Boulay, p. 145, cat. 14 for a similar piece decorated in underglaze cobalt blue, dated 14th/15th century.



• 《中國青花瓷》,作者D. Macintosh,參見第92頁編號68類似的青花器物,年代為16世紀早期;

• 《中國青花陶瓷》,作者S.T. Yeo和J. Martin,參見第134頁,編號61-63三件明代中期青花近器;

• 《佳士得中國陶瓷繪畫史》,作者A. du Boulay,參見第1頁,編號145一類似的青花器物,年代為14或15世紀。