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Chinese ceramic water dropper decorated in red and green enamels, Zhangzhou kilns (Swatow ware), Ming dynasty

Stock Number: 5090

Very rare Chinese ceramic water dropper for the Asian market in the form of a rooster decorated in red and green enamels, Zhangzhou kilns (Swatow ware) c. 1550, Ming dynasty, h. 9 cm, 3½ in; w. 11 cm, 4¼in. 1-18346  


• Chinese Blue & White Porcelain, by D. Macintosh, p. 92, plate 68 for a similar piece dated early 16th century decorated in cobalt blue;

Christie’s Pictorial History of Chinese Ceramics, by A. du Boulay, p. 145, cat. 14 for a similar piece decorated in underglaze cobalt blue dated 14th/15th century;

• Chinese Blue and White Ceramics, by S.T. Yeo and J. Martin, Singapore 1978, p. 134, plate 61 to 63 for three similar pieces dated middle Ming dynasty decorated in cobalt-blue.



• 《中國青花瓷》,作者D. Macintosh,參見第92頁編號68類似的青花器物,年代為16世紀早期;

• 《中國青花陶瓷》,作者S.T. Yeo和J. Martin,參見第134頁,編號61-63三件明代中期青花近器。