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Chinese ceramic carved “Yaozhou” washer covered overall with a green glaze, Northern Song dynasty.

Stock Number: 4980

Chinese ceramic carved “Yaozhou” washer with the interior carved and combed with turbulent waves and covered overall with a green glaze stopping in a circle around the base showing the greyish-brown body, Northern Song dynasty, d. 12,5 cm, 4¾ in. Box in cryptomeria Japonica (Japanese cedar) [Tomobako]. 9-17155

Illustrated: Chinese Ceramics & Works of Art, by A. Varela Santos, 2018/2019, cat. 9. 

◆ This washer was manufactured at kilns in Shanxi or Henan Provinces. The Guangzhou Museum has a low bowl 15 cm, 6 in. in diameter.



◆ 這件碗於山西或河南窯口燒製。廣州博物館藏一件相似器物,口徑為15釐米,6英吋。